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You know where you want to go. Alkia IT Services & Support will help you get there, with proven methodology and actionable insight.

Managed IT Maintenance & IT Outsourcing .​

Many companies do experience trouble with their own internal IT. It may be very efficient to outsource the IT maintenance. Having a contractual relation with a specialized IT services company clears most of the problems and gives you a real control over your IT. You can always change your IT services company but what about your staff?
In this regard, Alkia IT services can first help you to evaluate the pro and cons of this  strategy. We will help you to evaluate the risk and the benefits for YOUR business.

Cloud Computing Services

Our Cloud Consulting service helps you find out what cloud services are efficient for your organisation. With Alkia’s help, you will reduce your overhead, streamline operations, and take your business mobile:

  • Find which cloud services are right for you

  • Lower overheads by removing hardware and eliminating & associated fees

  • Learn how to avoid data breaches in the cloud and discover how to leverage safe data centers

  • Make informed decisions about choosing the right cloud services.

Security Audits

Our IT auditing and security specialists will help you navigate a sea of ever-changing business risks.


By using customized tools, expert resources, and proven methodologies, we tailor our IT audit services to your specific needs.


Our experienced professionals bring a deep understanding of Internal Information System Audits, Application Control, and Security Services, as well as Pre- and Post-Implementation Reviews..

Amazon Cloud Service ​

Improve the Security, Availability and Performance of Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Whether you’re looking to maximize performance and spend on your AWS environment OR just beginning, our cloud solutions engineers will help you make the most of your AWS cloud initiatives:

  • Migration planning, including moving databases, code bases, and operating systems

  • Setting up Virtual Private Clouds and secure environments

  • Creating automated scripts to deploy systems

  • Deploying highly available environments with no single point of failure, from DNS to load balancers, through to web application servers, database platforms and business intelligence nodes

  • Auto Scale plans and configurations to allow for flexible resources which grow and contract based on the level of user and load concurrency

  • Create content delivery networks and localised access points for your users based in distance continents

  • AWS education for existing IT departments looking to utilise the power of the Cloud

  • Online Active Directory systems and connectors for AWS resources

  • Securing Web Applications with AWS WAF

Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies consulting

Wishing to learn more about the blockchain, Bitcoin and the new currencies: We provide indepth presentations and seminars to get your team up to speed on the crypto-currency world and what it can do for you.

CIO for Hire Consulting Service

Alkia offers CIO-level resources that are matched with your technology needs. We focus on developing and implementing IT strategies that drive business results.


Our acting CIO handles your:


  • Information Technology and Business Alignment

  • Information Technology Roadmap Development

  • Budgeting

  • Application Planning & Management

  • Infrastructure Planning & Management

  • Executive Level Status Reporting

  • Information Technology Procurement

  • Merger & Acquisition Planning & Management

Network Services

Alkia's has a strong experience in Networking from carrier grade networks to SME's.


Our experts perform the full range of services including design, hardware + software installation, network items configuration to deliver your turnkey Network infrastructure [LAN, WAN, WLAN].

Alkia's architectures are naturally ready for Data, Voice and Video. Your company is then able to fully benefit from the state-of-the-art business solutions (messaging, groupware, video conferencing, Voice Over IP...).

Alkia It Services' Key competencies:


  • Full network solution design (Local Area Network, Wilde Area Network, Wireless LAN)

  • Hardware delivery & installation (workstation, servers)

  • Software delivery, installation & configuration

  • Network, cabling, routing

  • Internet connection + sharing, LAN, WAN, Wireless LAN, VPN, VoiP

  • Network Security

  • Project management


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