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Secured Blockchain Solutions

to power-up your business 

Put your business on the fast track to success starting your BLockchain journey with Alkia.

Accelerate your move to the Web 3.0 with our experts. Alkia performs blockchain implementations using a variety of Smart Contracts frameworks, EVM blockchains and browser extensions. We help you to easily identify the highest value solutions for your needs and the best practices for implementing them. We implement Hyperleger, Corda & Cosmos.

Block Chain Development


Alkia provides advanced consulting and managed services to reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms.

We offer smart contract security audits. penetration testing and provide threat analysis, incident response services.


Alkia helps you to embrace DAO as a transformational strategy to deliver real, measurable, and sustainable changes on the decentralized governance agenda your business requires.


DAO | Decentralized Autonomous Organisations

1. Smart Contract development

2. Solidity Audits

3. Web 3 developments

Helping you find the right solutions.

Every company is unique, but all do share needs and issues with other organizations in their industry.


The best way to ensure you get the right service is to work with a web 3.o agency that has a real experience with other companies in your industry.

Alkia regularly partners with many industries of all shapes and sizes since over 15 years in Asia.

At Alkia we do not reinvent the wheel, we make it turn for you.

Smart Contracts


Block Chain



Web 3 is all about putting business in motion, conducting business with anyone, anywhere, anytime. At Alkia, we help dynamic businesses to integrate blockchain and decentralized organisations into the fabric of their business.



Security: At Alkia we offer a broad range of information security services from strategy and risk management through enterprise and extended enterprise security, cyber security and managed security.


IT outsourcing services and infrastructure support. 

Alkia: your IT partner with a shared vision...

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